BTC Robot Review
                                    Is BTC Robot a Scam?

BTC Robot Review

My BTC Robot Review

Bitcoins, the digital currency with its goal to make it a common currency online around the globe.

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about bitcoins from the media. When I first heard of it, it was priced roughly about US$17. A few months later, it skyrocketed to nearly $220+! Unfortunately, one day, just ONE day, the price dropped back to $90+. That is nearly 60% lost value! Although this isn't partly the market's fault (for rapid selling), the blame was more pointed towards hackers DDOS-ing mtgox's (primary bitcoin marketplace) servers.

What does this tell you? We, humans, will never change. History will always repeat itself.
This crash is no different from the stock market's crash, the currency market crash, the housing market crash, .etc. This goes to show that Bitcoin isn't really as "holy" as what the media has fed us with.

Now you may be wondering what the hell has the above statements got to do with "BTC Robot Review"?

Well, I just want to inform you that even if it's digital currency, there's always people out there that is speculating for quick profits. But here's something enticing about bitcoins. As you know, it isn't regulated nor intervened by the government. Its price is solely from the supply and demand of the market. If there are many buyers (demand), prices go up. If there are many sellers (supply), prices go down. But there's one huge advantage that bitcoin speculators have that forex and stock speculators do NOT.

Wall Street fat cats and mega bank traders CAN'T participate in bitcoins, because it isn't "allowed" in their line of business. If a successful trader in a bank with millions of capital tells his boss he wishes to speculate bitcoin, his boss will immediately turn him down. Even the government will step in because it is not the norm. Bitcoin isn't part of their "trade" (no pun intended). So whether you're a small or big speculator in bitcoins, you don't have to worry about market manipulation or those fat cats creating heavy volatility in the bitcoin market!

Now I'm sure you have heard of stock trading robots or forex trading bot. They were advertised as "a software that automates trading." Some of these robots showed promising returns and profits, surprisingly. Yes, because they were programmed with sophisticated algorithms and analysis methods.

BTC Robot is the first ever bitcoin trading robot with advanced top-of-the-line technology with powerful analyzing abilities to track the market.

Does BTC Robot Work

BTC Robot uses advanced technical analysis and fundamental analysis to know when it is the right time to buy/sell bitcoins to maximize profit potential.

Yes, BTC Robot supports numerous bitcoin market exchanges, so all you do is login into the highly secured BTC Robot software and with a click of a button, it starts doing the rest! 24/7. No programming knowledge required. Just really easy basic settings! Like the amount of bitcoins you want BTC Robot to trade (10 bitcoins, 100 bitcoins, .etc).

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis take months to read up and at least years to master and apply it correctly. Also, you will be frustrated and confuse if you were to do it on your own while the data is streaming and trading live! You don't have to worry about them anymore! The developers has instiled their years of knowledge and backtested it numerous times before releasing it to the market. So you can be sure it works without any issues!

So how does BTC Robot work?

how btc robot works

One of the way BTC Robot works is by comparing all its bid/ask ratios. If there's a gradual increase of "bids" (buyers), it will know there's going to be a potential rally because of its increase in demand. Therefore, it buys bitcoins at the best price. And if there's a gradual increase of "ask" (sellers), it knows there's going to be a potential sell-off, so it immediately starts selling at the best price!

Now you may ask, "duh! I can do that on my mind." But think about it, when you see the numbers jumping up and down, you need to calculate and think. But the software uses the CPU brain power to do its math calculation. And you know how damn fast the CPU processes and executes information. Way much faster than a human being can!

Other ways the BTC Robot works is by analyzing any potential rally (via chart patterns).

BTC robot scam?

When such chart patterns are form, it knows the price is going somewhere. BTC Robot then starts analyzing the bid/ask ratios, the moving average, any potential breaching of support and resistance lines/areas.

See that green horizontal line in the chart above? Notice bitcoin prices were having a support first then when it penetrated and breached, that line suddenly becomes hard to penetrate? Yes, that is what we call a resistance line. Beforehand, it is a support line... whenever bitcoin prices dip and hits that price, buyers start coming in and push the price back up. Once it is breached, the market mentality changes. It has become what we call a "resistance line". Sellers will sell at that very price to get out of the market.

I bet you're now like, "dafug are you talking? What B.S. is this?" But graph doesn't lie, prices doesn't lie. It is there. And human's behavior is always the same and that is reflected on prices.

And that is also why it takes months to read up technical and fundamental analysis and years to master and apply it perfectly.

You don't have to worry about that anymore as BTC Robot does everything for you with just a click of the button!

Invest In This Unique, Advanced Software! Outsmart The Market! Beat The Market and Profit!

(NOTE: When you click the link, let it load for some time and do NOT refresh. The BTC Robot site is overflooded with visitors, therefore it is slow and lagging! Either wait or try again 30 minutes later! Yes, it is so that popular with the huge demand to buy the software!)


For a limited time only, we will be giving out a bonus gift pack worth $697!
Here's what's inside the bonus package:

Yes, these materials will help you learn and master the skills of fundamental and tecnhical analysis quickly! You can apply the knowledge while trading Bitcoins or in stock trading ,forex trading, .etc! These materials are rare to find and I'm giving it to you exclusively. It takes years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn them; even seminars can cost up to thousands of dollars just to learn the basics! But these materials teach you from the basic to the advanced courses in simple, layman terms. You will learn how to trade like the professionals in Wall Street and earning huge profits in any markets with these materials!

So How Can You Claim This Bonus Package?

  1. Simply purchase BTC Robot from this link. (NOTE: When you click the link, let it load for some time and do NOT refresh. The BTC Robot site is overflooded with visitors, therefore it is slow and lagging!)
  2. Then after payment, simply forward me the receipt (or just email me your receipt number) to for verification.
  3. You will receive this exclusive bonus package within 24 hours!
Yes, it's that simple and easy!


Alice Baker said...
  i dun know wtf you're talking about but it looks promising..... any 1 tried it?
16th July, 2013 2:10 AM
KymLambert said...

Btc robot that automates bitcoin trading?!?!? DAYUM!

I've been hearing about this btc robot in several bitcoin community forums... tempting to buy it but anyone have any experience with it?

Greetings from Australia,

16th July, 2013 08:48 PM

Admin said...

Hey guys,

I'm surprised this post has gotten several visitors after I've just posted it!
Anyway, I'm one of the beta testers of BTC Robot. Will let you know the results soon.
I've also asked one of the beta testers in the team to post his experience here because he has been using it for days. He should be posting his review here real soon.

17th July, 2013 04.26 AM

Matthew said...

Yeap, I hate to say this but I'm one of the victims in the bitcoin crash.

I thought I was going to retire young. But well.. greediness. **** that.

17th July, 2013 06.29 AM

asdfasdf said...

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17th July , 2013 10.23 AM

betaman88 said...

Hey all,

As promised, here's my review:

BTC Robot is very user-friendly. Its GUI interface is easy to navigate.
I gave BTC Robot a run and it was working flawlessly. It was buying and selling the market every 30 minutes when there's a jump in volatility. Sometimes it could just be 5 minutes!!!

During the first day of its run, I profited about $573. I was buying and selling small, of course.
But during the end of second day, I lost about $300! I asked the other beta testers in the team and they were suffering losses too. Turns out that it was some software bug. The developers immediately released their patch and we installed it.
For the third day, I made $840 in profits. I don't know if it was the patch that improved BTC Robot or something.
Then on the forth day (16 july which was yesterday), the market was a little dull and dead so I only made about $156.
Same for today, dull market with little volatility = little profits = $91.

The only problem I have with BTC Robot is sometimes it can really lag your computer till its beyond usages sometimes. I've reported this issue to the developers and they say there will be an upcoming patch to fix it.

17th July, 2013 01:52 PM

Admin said...

Sweet, nice to hear that betaman!

But has BTC Robot closed its beta test? I can't seem to login at all.

18th July, 2013 08:25 AM

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18th July, 2013 01:58 PM

Harvest Bitcoins said...

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18th July, 2013 03:42 AM

betaman88 said...

Yes, they have officially shut their beta testing stage. So bad luck, bro!! lol
The developers said they believe it is ready for a final release and be made available to the public. So good luck!

19th July, 2013 09:40 PM

Admin said...

Thanks betaman. Dammit, how unlucky.

And my blog is getting bombard with a large number of spams. I might have to turn off the comment section soon.

19th July, 2013 11:32 PM

Buy Bitcoins said...

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19th July, 2013 11:58 PM

BTCRobot Review said...

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20th July, 2013 02:52 AM


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